About us


When you become a coffee trader enthusiast and a coffee lover the biggest challenge is to bring closer those producers from their remote and beautiful regions to the most experience buyers in Europe, and for those buyers to experience the growers history, culture and passion through these wonderful coffees.

Sometimes when you are enjoying a delicious single origin drip coffee in a fashionable upmarket post code cafe you cant help yourself trace the steps back to that grower that made that delicious cup and that unique moment possible. Just follow the chain from that semi mystical grower to the proud barista and you just have to smile.

We are part of a coffee hunter team, always chasing these great and unique crops, traveling endless amount of miles to get to those farms at the right time to secure this wonderful coffees. We feel proud to be able to bring these coffees to buyers that appreciated them. We see how the coffee knowledge continues to evolve and how the industry does not settle on the contrary the new generation of roasters are not only passionate but always hungry for better understanding of the varietals, drying and fermentation techniques.

Our main motivation is to supply the best possible coffee at the best possible value in the best possible way.

We will always be looking for new sources, flavours, stories but most of all to be able to supply great coffee with a purpose.

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