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Altitude2000 msnm


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Rich, mellow and spicy coffee from the hills of Pomarroso, Tolima where Finca Abadía is located.


TOLIMA-03Tolima is the third coffee producing region of Colombia characterised by a very pronounced aroma medium acidity and a sweet and subtle fruity flavour. Tolima coffees have consistently presented exceptional good cup profiles that position them today amongst the best.



Finca Abadía boasts with 4 hectares of shade grown coffee, sharing sloped hills with criollo cacao, the original dweller of this estate. Fermín Abadía’s father, don Eladio, produced cacao for many decades until his son opted for the benefits of a polycultured system and introduced the Caturra, Typica and Castilla varietals. Since then, Fermin has seen biodiversity blooming in his inherited estate, and far more resistant crops.
His spicy and fruity coffee with hints of citrus are already well known among the citizens of Pomarroso, where he initially started selling his produce at the local Galería. Very soon, the rich, floral aroma of his coffee flooded the panaderías and homes of the town, until word finally got out his precious gem. Thanks to Fermin’s incursion into speciality coffee, other farmers have followed and opted for polyculture, not only with coffee and cacao, but avocado as well.